Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How to customize your wedding invitations from Zazzle

Zazzle has a great selection of wedding invitations and they are very economical, not to mention that with a lot of the wedding invitations you can also get wedding stationery to match.  However some brides and grooms may find the interface a little confusing and have trouble customizing their invitation choice online.  This article will walk you through the process.

Click here if you want the video version of the tutorial.

Click here to visit the wedding invitation collection page.

  • Browse through the invitations to find the one that you like.  (Please note: that you cannot change the color of any of the designs on the invitation, you however can change the text colors)
  • Once you are on the invitation page you can fill in the information/details for your wedding and watch them appear in the preview.
  • The options are more limited until you hit the blue "Customize It" button underneath the invitation.  By hitting this button Zazzle allows you to change the fonts, remove or add text boxes, remove or add photos as well as change the color of the text.

Changing the Fonts/Font Colors
1. After hitting the "customize it" button, click on the text you wish to change either directly on the invitation or in the list on the right side of the page under the "design" area.
2. To change the font click on the little "f" in a circle on the right side of the page, this will bring up your font options, scroll down to click on the option you like and then hit the "done" button.
3. To change the text size select the drop down menu with a number located beside the "edit" drop down menu on the right side of the page.
4. To change the color of the font select the box next to the text size drop down menu.  A selection of colors pop up, if you can not find the color you would like, click on the "advanced" link underneath the colors.  When you are done, hit the "done" button

Editing the Text
In order to edit the text after you have hit the "Customize it" button, you have to select in from under the options on the right side under the options.  If you want to just delete the text, hit the "x" beside the text you want to delete a window will pop up and ask you if you are sure you want to delete it.   If you want to edit the text, hit the "change text" link beside the text that you would like to edit.

Adding/Deleting Images
1. To delete an image, select the image name on the right under the options menu.  Hit the "x" button beside the image name.
2.  To add an image click the "add image" button on the right, it gives you a few different options on where to select your photos.
3. If you want to move the images to the front or back, either use the drop down menu on the right "arrange" and select where you would like it. Or drag and drop using the list on the side to where you would like it.
4. To resize the image either drag the image on the invitation using the boxes on the corners of the image, or use the "-" "+" buttons on the side.

More customizations
Size - You can change the size of your invitations, under the right hand side, under all of the text/images list, there are "paper options" under this menu you can select your size, just click on the icon of the size you want.
Shape- You can change the shape of your invitation (you have more options available to you if you pick a more standard size like 5x7) With the 5x7 shape you can choose from normal, bracket, rounded, scalloped, ticket or tag.  Just click on the option you would like (this affects the price)
Paper Type- There are many different options for paper choice, just click on the icon, you can see it in your invitation preview (this also affect the price)
More Options-  There are also more options available underneath including colored envelopes and pocketfolds, you just click on the icons and the options appear.

Follow the directions in order to complete your order and fill out the forms as you would when ordering anything online.  Hope this tutorial helps and good luck ordering your wedding invitations.