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DIY Wedding placecard display

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Don't you love all of those ornate frames that you can buy at yard sales and thrift stores, now here is a way to use one (or more) to display your placecards so your guests can easily find their place.
Here are some recommendations for great rustic style placecards that you can have printed at Zazzle.

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March is National Craft Month! In our second post in our Do It Yourself Wedding Series, we’ll cover how to make a rustic seating cards display.
Want to make sure your wedding guests can find their seat? Why lay out their seating cards on a boring table? Rustic and vintage are always in, and we’ll show you how to organize and display seating cards so your guests can find their way to the right seat.
Supplies needed:
  1. Table number business cards
  2. Vintage frame
  3. Twine
  4. Push pins or tacks
  5. Clothespins
  6. Felt-tip marker or pen
  7. Scissors
Step 1: Fill in the names of your guests on the cards.
Step 2: Arrange the cards in alphabetical order.
Step 3: Depending on your guest count, figure out the appropriate number of cards to fit on each twine row, factoring in the size of your frame and the size of your party.
Step 4: Tie a knot to the edge of one tack and push it in towards the top of the frame. Hold down the tack and measure across the frame to where the second tack will be. Leave 2 inches of room for the second tack’s knot.
Step 5: Depending on how many cards will fit per row, thread the clothespins onto the twine.
Step 6: Tie the second knot onto the other tack, pull the twine taut and press into the frame, making sure the twine is straight and parallel to the top of the frame.
Step 7: Continue steps 4-6 until you’ve completed the number of rows you’ll need.
Step 8: Attach each card to each clothespin in alphabetical order.
Step 9: You’re done! Enjoy your rustic seating cards display!

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