Tuesday, 7 July 2015

How many wedding invitations do we need to order?

In order to find the amount of wedding invitations you will need count the number of people on your list. Factor in the fact that you'll send one invitation per house hold or couple and not per guest (Traditionally teenagers over sixteen get their own invitation). Once you’ve figured all of that out, add another 15-20% as you may need a few invitations for last minute additions to the guest list and a couple for keepsakes, this will probably be just over half of the actual number of guests. Don’t for
get to, if you have a ‘B’ list as outlined below, you will need more to send out as ‘A’ list members decline. Remember it's better to have leftovers than to have to reorder, when you re-order you have to start the order ‘from scratch’ again and will have to pay for extras such asshipping again.

Do we need to send invitations to our parents or the wedding party?

Yes. Send your parents and wedding party invitations, as a keepsake. (You don’t have to put return postage on your RSVP's though, if you are using the traditional postage system.)

A staggered 'A' & 'B' list is a great way to have as many filled seats at your wedding as possible. The
idea is that you make two lists: an 'A' list consisting of all the people you absolutely must invite to the wedding and a 'B' list consisting of all the people you would invite if you have enough room. The A list is sent out first and once the reply cards come in you'll know exactly how many seats you need for that group and more importantly how many seats are left over for the 'B' list. Now you can accurately send the right number of invites to people on the 'B' list. Cautions: Make sure you leave enough time to send out the 'A' list, receive the replies and send out the 'B' and receive the supplies!

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